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  • 初中英语阅读理解训练(六)

    所属专题:2015年中考英语  来源:互联网    要点:初中英语阅读理解  
    编辑点评: 阅读理解在中考英语中所占比分很重,做好阅读理解意味着离英语高分更近了一步,同学们平时一定要勤于练习哦,下面跟小编一起练习吧。

    Swimming is very popular. People like swimming in summer because water makes people feel cool. If you like swimming and swim in a wrong place, it may not be safe. These years, a lot of people died when they were enjoying themselves in the water, and most of them were students. But some people are not careful in swimming. They often think they swim so well that nothing will happen to them in water. Summer is here again. If you go swimming in summer, don't forget that better swimmers have died in water. They died because they were not careful not because they could not swim. So don't get into water when you are alone. If there is a "No Swimming" sign, don't get into water. If you remember these, swimming will be safer.

    ( ) 1. ______ like swimming in summer.

    A. Few people                     B. A lot of people  

    C. Only students            D. Everybody

    ( ) 2. People like to swim in summer because ______.

    A. they feel cool in water          B. they are free

    C. it makes them strong            D. it is safe

    ( ) 3. These years ______ people died in the water when they swam happily.

    A. few           B. many    C. no        D. some

    ( ) 4. Some swimmers die in water because ______.

    A. they think they can swim well             B. they are not strong enough

    C. they are not careful                            D. they like swimming very much.

    ( ) 5. The writer wants to tell us ______.

    A. swimming is a good sport           

    B. that we should go swimming in summer

    C. that we must be careful in swimming 

    D. swimming is not safe





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